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Kudoer, Aaron “the Sit Down Comedian” Pietras, had his first ever comedy set last Thursday!

Aaron is one of of the first Kudoers we met. He was charming, engaged, excited and funny. But he was also stuck, and bored. Despite only graduating high school a few months earlier, most of his friends were in their 50s and 60s.

Back then, Kudoz only had 12 things in the catalogue, naturally, Aaron chose seven of them.

He ended up going for the Storytelling Badge, taking The Art of Storytelling, Radio Broadcasting, and Stand up Comedy! At the time, Kim, the comedian let Aaron know about upcoming comedy courses if he wanted to keep the learning going.

Kudoz is all about people going deeper into their own interests, finding their own passions, and really making them their own. Aaron’s a natural, but seeing him, up there on stage felt pretty magical. Poking fun at disability is not an easy task, but Aaron’s never been one to settle for easy. We can’t wait for his next show!

The Kudoz Team

Watch his set:

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