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It was a full week at Kudoz! Here are a few highlights:

We hosted a Reflection cafe at Creekside Coffee Factory! Kudoers shared photos and videos with each other. Hosts, family members, and friends joined in to check out the great learning Kudoers are doing.

We chatted about the things we’ve learned: how to make deodorant with Jodie, saying “hello” in French with Roshni, rocking out to the Jingle Shannon made with John! Not a part of Kudoz? Not a problem! Do like Sung did and share something meaningful you did in the week. Together, we’ve tried loads of interesting things, met amazing hosts, and learned a lot about ourselves. Let’s keep that going!

Mini-project Fellows completed another module on Blueprints & Journey Maps. Charlotte lead a lunch & learn on designing cultural probes based on this article by William W. Gaver. 

We hosted two discussions with families interested in being part of Kudoz with our family ambassador, Suzanne. We planned and invited our community to our next host event – Happy Hour and we had a moment of silence as we tossed our damaged big yellow balloon that had been through so much with us.

We attempted to pitch Kudoz at #uberPITCH. Watch our quick pitch and we completed a number of significant enhancements to our web platform, catalogue.kudoz.ca.

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