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Your friendly neighborhood experience curators have created a brand new host tips video for you to check out. There have been so many lovely experiences happening over the last few weeks, Kudoers have been starting vlogs, learning about Biology and playing music in the park! You’ve all been leaving lovely feedback for each other, and that’s the point I wanted to highlight in this blog: feedback and how important it is for Kudoers! Laura and I wanted to spread the word that feedback can be so much more. Kudoers want to know what you noticed about them during your experience: something that impressed you, surprised you and also something you know they can get better at.

We are not asking for feedback just for the warm and fuzzy feeling we get from seeing all your support: we are trying to enable Growth Mindset. Giving feedback that praises our efforts instead of what it is we accomplished will enable us to attempt bigger challenges. You’ll notice in the feedback that Laura gives me she points out my strategy, effort, focus and persistence that I showed during the experience. I am looking forward to my next experience, not because I want to please the host, but because I want to try at the challenges presented to me.

Here are the examples Laura wrote about our time together

Check out our short film and as always, give us a ring if you want to chat!


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