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What is a Kudoz taster?

Hi there. There is a lot of moving pieces in Kudoz and I wanted to take the time to explain one of them a little more, the Kudoz Taster.

In short, a Taster is a seasoned Kudoer who helps Hosts prepare for their first experience with other Kudoers.

A Taster gives a Host their first taste of what it’s like to be a Host and how their experience might play out with a Kudoer. For example, first time hosts are often a bit nervous to meet their first Kudoer, not realizing that most Kudoers are equally as nervous! The Taster is a great way for the hosts to get a chance to do a bit of a test run to realize what they want to do in the future.

Hosts have let us know that this really helpful. Especially since many of our hosts have never gotten to spend time with someone living with a disability. The Taster is comfortable, cool, collected and ready to offer a bit of feedback on how it went from a Kudoers perspective. Often, once a host has met with a Taster or their first Kudoer, they realize that they might want to adjust their experience in some way, a bit more of this and a bit less of that.

In other words, Tasters help pave the way for a passionate individual to become a superstar host!

The role of the taster came to be about this time last year. To become a taster, you must first be a Kudoer, have gotten used to Kudoz, gone on experiences, and earned at least one badge. One of our Tasters, Zach, has been on a record number of experiences and has been a taster with us for the past 6 months. Katelyn often goes on experiences with Zach and has been recording a footage from his experiences. She put together this awesome video for us to show you what the role of Taster is like! Check it out:

If you are a current or past Kudoer and are interested in becoming a taster, let us know! We are always looking for more Tasters to help our hosts be the best they can be – get in touch: andie@kudoz.ca

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