A Menu for Great Conversations

Welcome! Kudoz is best known for its house-made, free range, organic conversations. One of our absolute missions is to spark meaningful connections & novel learning between people! But hey, we know it’s easier said than done–so

here’s a menu with a few places to start. Use it to chat with others about their experiences, new skills, passions, and really–just anything but the weather.

Sensational Starters

What’s around you, who’s around you? What clues and cues are you picking up? Maybe a button, a band t-shirt, a wedding ring, what can you infer?

Take it all in, a big breath? Does it remind you of anything?

Take in another sip of that drink, what are the stories of the flavours? Where were those hops sourced? Who brewed it?.

What is the loudest sound in the room? People? Place? What about the softest?

What are the tactile things around you right now? Earlier today? Tomorrow?

Of these Starters, which do you feel must in sync with? Do you rely on one sense more than the others? What about the people around you?.

For the Main Courses you have two options:

bland foods that will leave you feeling hungry

Plain rice: How about those Canucks?

Dry Toast: Sure was hot out today, eh?

Saltines: How’s it going?

Let’s move past stock conversations!

flavour town

What experience do you host? Why?

How do you balance fun and learning?

Where is your favourite place to reflect?

What’s special about it?


We’ll be honest, we hate the word “fun.” We know, we know, biggest party poopers on the block. But we have a good reason! It’s a catch all, when we don’t really want to recap a moment, it was fun. When reflection seems difficult, we call it fun.

When things were just okay, or so-so, or unmeaningful, they were fun.
And that’s no way to live! So Chez Kudoz is launching a line of No-Fun, but still exciting, entertaining, delicious, and radical drinks

Mindful Mint
To break the fun cycle, we encourage drinkers to really break down all the flavours. What do you want out of your beverage, and what are the steps to getting that?
1 part sensory,
3 parts learning goals,
5 parts intent

Orange you glad I didn’t talk about the weather again
Somehow we all become hobby-meteorologists when we’re first meeting. Let’s cut through the mundane, and get into the unknown!
1 part observation,
2 parts feeling okay with
the silence,
3 parts discovery,
1 part curiosity

and the John Dewberry
John Dewey is a Reflection Rock star. An education philosopher who once said “‘We do not learn from experience…
we learn from reflecting on experience.” And we just keep sipping!
1 part reflection, 1 part
experience, and infinite
parts learning

Things we can chew on together

What was the best piece of feedback you ever got from a teacher? What made it great feedback?

How can you give great feedback to Kudoers – without worrying about being politically correct?

How do you expand your own community/network? Is there a way to help Kudoers do the same?

And if all else fails, these always make some good leftovers:
What are you really good at?
What do you know a lot about?
What do you care a lot about?
What do you want to flourish in?
And if you’re really stuck, your server will be happy to suggest a fascinating topic.