Need inspiration for the experience you might host? 

Lately, Kudoers (persons with a cognitive disability who go on experiences) have been asking for Experiences (one-on-one meetings between a Host and Kudoer where learning is exchanged) that would help them understand more about their specific disability. Like people living with Autism are asking for someone who knows more about Autism to share their know-how.

This is big. 

Kudoers come from a system where often they were given labels and diagnoses that aren’t explained very well. So having people want to not only go deeper, but to know more about the things that directly impact them is exciting!

Experiences that allow self-exploration on this level are a new development. We are working hard to honour this curiosity by adding experiences to the Catalogue around this topics and other topics Kudoers are asking for.

What Kudoers Want

  • Country Music

    Wishing for a Big  N’ Rich, a Dolly, a true lover of trucks and twang.

  • Politics

    Wishing for a Civic Politician, a Party Member, folks who love to vote.

  • Soccer

    Wishing for a player, coach, watcher, club-member, or sideline chanter!

  • Relationship advice

    Wishing for a coach, Tinderer, lover of blind-dates, or someone who just gets people!

  • Natural Science

    Wishing for Astronomers, Ecologists, Marine Biologists, Systems Theorists. No need to be an expert–it’s cool if you’re just down with moths.

  • Liberal Arts & Humanities

    Wishing for Philosophers, Anthropologists, those social science folks who can’t help but people watch.

  • Technology

    Wishing for YouTubers, music-masterers, editors, web developers. From basics to building your own website–nerds unite!

  • Baristas

    Wishing for bean to bar coffee lovers, roasters, jitterers, coffee-shop owners, staff, or just folks who can’t start their day without the dark stuff.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Wishing for androids, in lieu of that we’d love to meet some programmers, researchers, or builders.

  • Carpentry

    Wishing for woodworkers, cedar sniffers, and those who just can’t wait to build something new.

  • Self-Advocacy

    Wishing for ralliers, politically charged change makers, anyone looking to share their call to action and the forms that can take.

  • Environmentalism

    Wishing for dumpster divers, tree huggers, if you’re not wreaking of patchouli you need not apply.

  • Transit

    Wishing for a behind the scenes look at rapid transit, ferries, or in a mechanical shop.

  • Disabilities & Diagnosis

    Wishing for someone who loves conversation around Neuroscience, Neuro Diversity, and what makes the brain tick.

  • Caring for Others

    Wishing for hearts of gold, the givers, the carers–people who could share what their service with children, the elderly, or persons at risk looks like.

  • Fitness

    Wishing for Jedi Trainers, B-Ballers, T-Ballers, anything that gets your heart beating!

  • Creative Writers

    Wishing for hermit novelists seeking change, radical slam poets who can’t stop their flow, those gifted with the gab or can’t put down their book.

  • Financial Planning

    Wishing for a financial advisor, a person who understands cash flow, loves to budget. How hard have you pinched your pennies?!

  • Physics

    Wishing for Quantum Physicists.  Plus finding time to host shouldn’t be too hard once you figure out how to be two places at once!

  • Hunting

    Wishing for archers, shooters, gamers, fishers, and anyone wanting to share their love of the great outdoors and how to get set up to start hunting.

    Nominate yourself or someone you know

    Know someone with lived or learned experience in any of the things on the wish list? 

    1. Point them towards our nominate page
    2. Send me their name and email (or phone number) and we’ll reach out to them and let them know what Kudoz is all about.
    3. Or, fill out the nomination form below (make sure to click submit!) and we’ll get in touch with them with more info about Kudoz.

    Know a thing or two about the above? 

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    If you’re intrigued but not ready to reach out, check out our host page to hear directly from other Hosts about how Kudoz works and how easy and fun it is to create a learning experience around the things you already love doing!