More than a fun thing to do…

We’re creating cities that aren’t just nice places to live, but wonderful places for everyone to learn and explore.

Adults – especially those with cognitive disabilities – can get stuck in a rut. Routines take over and there’s not much opportunity to shift course; to widen & deepen interests; to find meaningful roles.

A flourishing life needs meaning & purpose. Kudoz is enabling flourishing for individuals. And it’s enabling flourishing communities: places that are enriching for all.


Getting to Know Ourselves

“Hey, I’m __________, and I’m a _____________. “ Your answer may have rolled off your tongue. Or maybe, that second blank took a bit longer. It’s definitely not my intention to pressure you into an existential crisis, but I can’t help but ask: Who are you? We’re all multi-dimensional people with loads of skills, experiences,…

Full Flight: a Taste of an #OpenExperience

Beer is a good metaphor for Kudoz. It changes with age. You can add hops or roast grains—to taste. It’s something that can take you back in time. A caramel note might feel as warm as the piece of melted dark chocolate you licked off the wrapper last summer. The pop of citrus? Like your…

Kudoz at Traction on Demand

What happens when an innovative tech start-up that leads on values meets a community go-getter and reflection champion? Today, Kudoz was at Traction on Demand, a fast growing tech start-up and one of the first 100 certified B Corps in Canada. Sung, a Kudoer and reflection champ was interested in learning about software development so…


Social Cognitive Career Theory

This is one of our favorite theories. It tells us that in order for any of us to find a good job, we first need to have articulated interests. And to have interests, we need great learning experiences.

Social Stigma Theory

Promoting a different view of adults with a cognitive disability is one important factor in confronting social stigma, and creating more inclusive neighborhoods.

Learned Hopefulness Theory

Learned hopefulness is the process of learning and utilizing problem-solving skills that help us feel more in control. Kudoz is all about reinforcing these skills.

Bridging Social Capital Theory

Social capital refers to the value of the networks we’re a part of – including the opportunities & information that can flow from our connections. There are two kinds of social capital: bridging and bonding. Kudoz amplifies bridging social capital.

Start Kudoz in Your City!

Are you a leader passionate about authentic community inclusion? Download and share our licensing brochure with your community. Get a conversation started about growing kudoz in your city.

Inside, you’ll find a quick snapshot with stories of impact, our origin story and the outcomes we’re after. And, get a break down of what it takes to start, what you’ll need & get, plus ongoing support, costs & next steps.

Watch Jay and Brad share how Kudoz provides a meaningful and concrete way to be out and about in the community.


And here’s some of our indicators of change.
We collect this using a range of observational, self-reported, and interview data.

Do people’s future plans increase in specificity over time?

Reflective capacity
Do people have new ways to describe thoughts & emotions?

Goal setting
Do people’s goals change in focus after Kudoz experiences?

Outcome expectations
Do people’s reasons for choosing experiences shift?

Self-efficacy expectations
Are people more likely to try difficult or challenging experiences over time?