We want Kudoz to be way more than a fun thing to do.

We’re creating cities that aren’t just nice places to live, but wonderful places for everyone to learn and explore.

Adults – especially those with cognitive disabilities – can get stuck in a rut. Routines take over and there’s not much opportunity to shift course; to widen & deepen interests; to find meaningful roles.

A flourishing life needs meaning & purpose. Kudoz is enabling flourishing for individuals. And it’s enabling flourishing communities: places that are enriching for all.


Theoretical Frameworks


And here’s some of our indicators of change.
We collect this using a range of observational, self-reported, and interview data.

Do people’s future plans increase in specificity over time?

Reflective capacity
Do people have new ways to describe thoughts & emotions?

Goal setting
Do people’s goals change in focus after Kudoz experiences?

Outcome expectations
Do people’s reasons for choosing experiences shift?

Self-efficacy expectations
Are people more likely to try difficult or challenging experiences over time?