A City of Learning

A city of learning is a city wanting to share Kudoz values and experiences with their staff and residents.

What’s it take to be a city of learning?

All you have to do is host 10+ experiences a month. Why? Because your city is a total playground for learning – via Parks & Recreation, Engineering, Waterworks, Horticulture, you name it. In exchange, we’ll add your logo to our materials and give you tonnes of publicity showing how your city is advancing intellectual accessibility.

Why be a city of learning?

  • Improve staff morale & engagement. We set up your staff with teaching tools that not only allow them to celebrate what they do, but have a deeper understanding of their own practice. That trickles down, and other residents better understand the cities they live in. This is leading by example.
  • Address the needs of all residents. A city’s accessibility has historically been marked based on how easily those with physical disabilities are able to navigate it. By joining as a city of learning, your city is addressing the needs of residents living with cognitive disabilities and leading the way in being an inclusive, great place to live for all.
  • Amplify your disability confidence. Meet and gather around local people living with disabilities, and allow city staff to learn more about how to support them.


  • We’ll come meet with your Human Resource Department.
  • We’ll explore the different departments, and suggest experiences
  • Once we have the clear, we’ll chat with your Department Managers and run a Kudoz experience planning workshop
  • We will sort logistics, and get your listings online!


Business Improvement Associations

kudoz__area of learning

Business Improvement Associations (BIA) are community gems that connect-up local merchants. A BIA of Learning is a BIA that wants to improve their accessibility to all, and draw more of the public to them.

We’re not asking for employment, just an hour to take someone through a business, meet an owner, and share what they do. Real, hands on learning, with real hands on people.

What’s it take to be a BIA of learning?

  • Have 3+ businesses in your network become Kudoz hosts. By opening up doors, Business Improvement Associations can further help local merchants showcase what they are doing.
  • Use your logo. Get publicity and show your BIA’s true colours, while partnering with awesome locals, consumers, and the Kudoz network.


  • We’ll come meet with your President or Staff Team.
  • We can present Kudoz at your upcoming BIA meeting.
  • We can go door to door in your area, with your support.

Why be a BIA of learning?

  • Accreditation. We’ll share the profiles of your businesses on our website, make you Kudoz storefront stickers, and we will take professional photos of your space (and be sure to give you copies).
  • Sense of community. True community is about including everyone. With Kudoz, you have the opportunity to address not only physical accessibility of your businesses, but also intellectual accessibility!
  • Ownership. Own what you do! Kudoz is a new way of thinking about what your business is up to, day to day. How to showcase it. And learn more about yourself!
  • Network. By hosting experiences, you open your network to a completely new demographic, their families, their friends, and all of Kudoz. It’s promotion, all while being a chance to put your best foot forward!  

Watch Satsuko share how your BIA can benefit from Kudoz!