To be a host at Kudoz, we need your criminal record check to clear. First, you apply using our instructions and then in 8-10 days we’ll hear back and let you know.

  1. visit
  2. Scroll down, enter our access code: NA7G7TFQZ7  & the code that displays on the page. Then, press the “Request a New Criminal Record Check” button.
  3. Progress through the pages pressing “Next” and confirming that you’ve read the content.
  4. Then you’ll fill out your personal info. We don’t see this information when we get clearance… it’s just used by the Ministry of Justice for confirming your identity.
  5. Submit your details and finish the application & we’ll let you know when we get clearance. If you have any questions or want to check-in you can send our Kudoz Engagement Curator, Andie, an email or give her a call at (604) 862-5836.


Running into challenges getting it done? Here’s some issues we’ve run into (or a fellow host has encountered) and some tips on how to sort it out.

Bobae completed her criminal record check but when she clicked submit a page popped up saying that the check could not be completed. Bobae had never had a problem submitting criminal record checks before so we waited a few minutes and then tried it again and the second time it worked.

Ricky had a similar problem to Bobae but the second time we tried the criminal record check it didn’t go through. We had to print the page for Ricky to sign and mail it in to get cleared. Talk to Andie if this happens to you

Sarah couldn’t use the online form because she has lived in Canada for less than 2 years and didn’t have some of the resident information. She printed off this form and filled it out. It then was sent to us (in person or scanned and emailed) at to send it on to the Records Review Program.

Information for Part 2

Organization name: Kudoz

Contact person: Andie Froese – Experience Curator

ID number: NA7G7TFQZ7

If you are a Kudoz host but under the age of 19 the online criminal record check will not go through online. Instead, print and fill out this form then send it to Andie who will email it in to be cleared.
Any questions, ask andie! 604-862-5836

Go for it! It’s totally fine if you book an experience before your crim check comes back. If for some reason the clearance doesn’t come back before the experience is supposed to happen one of the Kudoz team members will tag along. (It’s actually a really nice excuse for us to get out to an experience ourselves! We love them too)