Learning experiences are
in-person interactions
enable learning through
multiple senses. For Hosts,
body language is important
to understand Kudoers
who are less vocal.

Individual Volunteers

  • Give two hours a month to host something you already do and love.
  • Keep your Kudoz calendar up to date & respond to requests online or via SMS
  • Two hour in-person host orientation: we’ll codesign your experience together!


  • Make a positive impact in your community
  • Meet more neuro-diverse people, potential employees!
  • Offer convenient and customizable volunteer opportunities for your staff
  • Track your impact with metrics and dashboards20


Widen somebody’s world

Too many of us have a really narrow window on the world and a one-hour experience can open the blinds!

We make your experience part of a badge so your impact is multiplied. You help grow people’s confidence; their sense of self; and broaden their contact base. You can even see people’s progress on their profiles.

Do what you love & skill-up

Volunteering shouldn’t feel like a chore. We think you should build on your own interests and be able to set your own schedule.

Frane used Kudoz to get back into a lost hobby… water colouring. You can use Kudoz as an excuse to do what you love, hone your teaching skills, and meet like-minded folks.

Let us brag about you

There’s no need to be shy about doing good stuff in the community. We promote our hosts on our website, via social media, and in our regular magazine, Kudozine.

Our network is big and growing: there’s over 4000 families with a disability who get our materials. That’s a way to make you & your business known!

what hosts say (4 mins)

What could you host?

You can add just about anything to the Kudoz catalogue. Could be a tour of a place you like; speaking a language; practicing an instrument; repairing something; talking politics or history; cooking a yummy dish.

What do you already do on your evenings and weekends?

What do you need an excuse to get back into?

What’s an aspect of your job you could share?

How do you help yourself and someone to maximize their potential?

What’s a topic you know a lot about? (e.g Starwars, physics, whatever)

What’s your cultural heritage?

What do you love to make?

What part of the city do you know well?

What makes a great learning experience?

Meet Cassandra, who offers stunt-doubling in the Kudoz catalogue. Listen to her tips & tactics. Plus, learn what a dive roll is! When you sign-up, we’ll do an induction and coach you on making a great learning experience too.