The groovy partnership behind Kudoz

Kudoz is powered by four organizations: three of the bigger community living associations
in British Columbia plus one small social design agency.

We came together in 2015 because we didn’t think the status quo
for adults with a cognitive disability was good enough.

Our supporters

Kudoz is supported by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) and the Vancouver Foundation.

Our Origin Story

Kudoz isn’t a traditional social program, or government service. It’s a network of passionate locals, like you. It comes from three-months of immersive research in a Burnaby social housing complex.

We wanted to understand people’s everyday experiences of social isolation, especially adults living with a cognitive disability. We found that people weren’t all that isolated from other people, but they were isolated from learning and novelty.

At the same time, we met so many community members, small business owners and students with untapped interests.

So we asked ourselves: What if we could tap into the community and create a catalogue of learning experiences?

Kudoz was borne. From March to July 2015, we beta-tested the concept and found that it could really make a difference.

Go behind-the-scenes and watch our first beta-test: