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What Kudoz? It’s a lifelong learning platform offering 100s of opportunities for growth by passionate locals across YVR. These volunteers are recruited based on their passions, and trained to offer 1-hr multi-sensory learning experiences. Participants try dozens of experiences to explore interests, learn skills and grow their identity, past high school. They sign up when they turn 19, and spend 6 months to a year in Kudoz. They can try any experience – any time of the day or week. They are invited to pop-up reflection cafés, spaces with tools for considering your day-to-day and exploring your personal growth. Plus, they have a personal Learning Coach to meet with anytime to get assistance with their journey. It’s free if you’re CLBC eligible. 

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Kudoz Overview

Kudoz is a new learning platform connecting adults with cognitive disabilities to 100s of mind growing experiences in the community. Too many adults with cognitive disabilities are spending their days in segregated settings doing the same activities on repeat. As a ‘Kudoer’, they choose from a catalogue and go on experiences hosted by passionate local volunteers. It’s like Airbnb, for learning.

By expanding interests and bridging social networks, Kudoz improves wellbeing and, over time, should decrease demand on the system. Kudoz is the product of 2 years of prototyping. Three disability service providers, a government funder, and a social design agency joined forces to answer the question, “How do we reduce social isolation amongst adults living with cognitive disabilities?”

Ethnographic research with 50 adults helped to reframe the brief. Adults with cognitive disabilities were not just isolated from other people, they were isolated from novelty and learning. Kudoz is designed to be a pipeline to novelty and lifelong learning for the 22K adults in British Columbia with a cognitive disability. With this number on the rise, demand for Kudoz will only rise.

“Kudoz has completely shifted the way we think of innovation and service design; from the role of ethnography and design to the application of social science theories and thinking at the level of determinants. We are inspired, energized and ready to press forward.” Gord Tulloch, Director of Innovation, posAbilities

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