Kudoz only works if we spread our values and share the reason behind what we do. Browse the short videos to get inspired, see what hosts are learning and spread a growth mindset. Don’t miss our mini documentary, a great intro into Kudoz.

What makes a great learning experience?

Professional stuntwoman Cassandra Ebner shares her tips for hosting a splendid experience.

Dr. Bailey shares mind-blowing facts about our brain

You may not know these facts about brains before! What does science say about them?

5 seconds uncomfortable, yes we feel it too...

Laura shares her number one secret about hosting–it might surprise you!

How do you describe Kudoz in one word? Or more...

Is fun the ultimate goal in learning? We don’t think so. Watch how people describe Kudoz in their own words.

Why we love hosting

What happens when 20 hosts get into a room for a party? Watch as our hosts talk about what they love about Kudoz.

What is a taster?

Meet Zach, one of our Kudoz team members, the Kudoz taster!