Hey there!

We’re a ragtag group of learners, always exploring, sharing, and reflecting!
A happy blend of social scientists, designers, external experts, staff from the disability sector, and locals.
Together, we work out of the Kudoz Studio in Burnaby: our base for shenanigans, prototyping, and paperwork.

Coaches & Curators

Our Learning Coaches help all of the parts of the Kudoz machine keep running. With so many people, with so many specialties involved, the Coaches acts as the median. Connecting with Kudoers, families, and hosts to keep the focus on learning and growth.

Our Curators are a crack team of locals, who know the Lower Mainland like the backs of their hands. They organize logistics, events, and test materials with the Tasters and Hosts. They’re the go to’s to contact, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andie, Engagement Curator

Andie is the Engagement Curator, when she’s not out recruiting new folks to join, she’s binge watching Star Wars, or making marshmallows (an office favourite). Andie is energetic and organized. She’ll wow you with her archaeological prowess, often joking that she’s an expert hole digger. But admittedly she digs us out of tough situations pretty often. Get in touch! 


Mathew, Mobilization Curator

Mathew is the Mobilization Curator and finds passionate folks to have splendid experiences together. He has designed buildings, websites, courses, and video games. He co-edits a cultural studies journal, volunteers as an educational activist, does origami, reads Indigenous sci-fi, and publishes academic articles about storytelling practices that draw listeners into new encounters with people, plants, and animals. Get in touch!

Amanda, YouthLearning Coach

Amanda is the Youth Learning Coach with Kudoz! She is an energetic and warm individual who is a keen listener and loves to hear other people’s stories. Amanda loves to incorporate her love of movement and yoga into the every day. She is always expanding her toolkit of grounding through mindfulness, movement and paying attention to the cues our body’s give us. She can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch!


Quinn, Learning Coach

Quinn is the Learning Coach of Kudoz! You’ll see her pounding the pavement and hear her chatting up a storm by phone. Quinn recently moved to Vancouver from Montreal and as she finds new connections for herself she’s using her keen eye to find places and people who might connect with Kudoz! She’s fun, loves to travel, and is looking forward to meeting you. Get in touch!

Meet our Designers & Developers

They are the “Doers” of the team, always chiseling away at something new! They use their ingenuity and structure to build up the systems Kudoz uses, all while making things delightful and easy to use.


Jonas is our Lead Service Designer. Originally from Holland, Jonas has worked in and taught Service Design around the world. He loves cycling (like any good Dutchman), and his mellow and calm nature is enough to ease any storm. Get in touch

Lisa Joy

Lisa Joy is a vancouver-based designer, with amazing expertise in User Experience & Web Design. Lisa is a funny and super chill East Van lady, whose keen eye for detail has saved us all at least once, twice, well…probably at least three minimum. She’s a hacker, in the coolest sense, and when she gets talking tech specs there’s no stopping her. Typing speed: 1000 WPM. Get in touch


A Service Designer who is certainly at your service. She is fun-loving and excited to try anything new. Before joining kudoz, she worked on service design projects in India! Originally from France, her hometown is famous for having two cookie factories. Charlotte is also famous for bringing us cookies from said factories. Get in touch


Elisa is our UX Designer for the new Kudoz Platform. She started with Kudoz in a 3-month Design Fellowship. We were so dazzled by her keen eye for detail and user testing/design skills that we asked her to stay on. Day-to-day you’ll find her drawing logic models, flowcharts, wire frames, mock-ups and finalizing style guides and css coding. Get in touch

Gaby B

Gaby is the Front End Developer for the new Kudoz Platform. She has background in cognitive systems and keeps us on our toes, thinking critically and asking the best questions. She behind the slick React/Redux code ands she’s helping us expand our use of data analytics. She’s focused and dedicated, and always interested in how technology can solve problems, and make life better for humans. Get in touch


Alan is the Back End Developer for the new Kudoz Platform. As a small team this means writing Python code, developing the admin interface, deploying/DevOps and much more! He’s logical, analytical and thinks anything is possible. When he’s not coding, he’s likely ice climbing or ski mountaineering. Get in touch

Gabi M

Gabi joins Kudoz in a 3 month Design Fellowship focused on coaching and research contributing heaps to the project doing user research, user testing, and prototyping. She has a background in health and wellness and is interested in applying design to shifting big outcomes for communities! She’s a perfect fit for kudoz. Get in touch


Janey is the Culture Lead for Kudoz. She’s organized, strategic, and delightful. And admittedly, sometimes we think Janey might be psychic, she always knows the next step. Once a manager in the disability sector, she’s brought her knowledge and talents on as the Lead. Super observant, and always has great new ways to imagine HR practices and maintaining a culture of curiosity. No word on the psychic thing, but we will update as time goes on. Get in touch!


Sarah is our Chief Strategist, and resident go-getter. She’s on the ball, talking and typing a mile a minute. She’s always onto the next thing, analyzing our systems, and is a mentor. We all have little Sarahs sitting on our shoulders, asking about intent, quality, and vision (always a good thing). She’s a book of fantastic stories, full of misadventure abroad. Her talents have been shared worldwide, but is thankfully focused here with us. Get in touch!

Our Social Science Types are the real framework behind Kudoz. We use the theories that they bring as our base, any cool new idea, any part of Kudoz has passed through this rigor, like some of our favorite theories. They are extremely thorough and exhaustive. The ultimate reality checkers.

Rheanna & Brandon (See Together Media)

Enthusiasm? Check. Office-dancing? Check. Seriously rad impact through film? Infinite-Check. See Together Media is a video production team that creates a more meaningful world by increasing the impact of non-profits and mission-based businesses. We literally couldn’t share Kudoz without them. The duo has helped us to showcase Kudoz’s impact and shot (beautifully, might we add) the awesome people who contribute to the Kudoz network. We’ll brag for them and let you also know that their experience in the catalogue is one of the most requested of all time.  Check out their awesome website!

Away, but always with us

Over the last couple years we’ve attracted some pretty amazing people from around the world. We’re grateful for their contribution to building Kudoz and look forward to seeing where their adventure takes them next!



Yani (short from Muryani) is our Lead User Designer. She hails from Indonesia, where she grew up with eight sisters. That’s right, eight! Over the past years, she’s been living and working in different places like Singapore, The U.S., The Netherlands, and India. Yani is quick, kind, and intuitive. Despite her small stature, she has the authority of a mob boss. She’ll design you an offer you can’t refuse! Get in touch!



John has over 20 years in the disability sector, he’s a wealth of information. It’s our duty to tell you about his not-so-secret-but-kind-of-secret music life. Musical Theatre? He’s performed around the world. Jingles? Listen closely when you switch that dial. But most of all, he’s an initiator, and is always masterminding a way to make art work for everyone. These days you’ll find John growing the Real Talk project. Check it out!


Juliette Blond

Juliette’s story/bio to come. Get in touch!