100s of splendid experiences

Host or go on experiences, share your passion and grow your skills. volume_up

A gym for your brain!

Build off your strengths and celebrate change with a Kudoz coach. volume_up

Reflection Cafe

Let's reflect on experiences we've shared! Everyone is welcome at Reflection Cafe. volume_up

Earn badges for stretching yourself

Celebrate at our annual Growth Bash. Badges go great on resumes. volume_up

In the beginning...

Where Kudoz comes from
Three decades have passed since Greg, Fay, and Karen felt most alive. These days, life can feel like a record on repeat: appointments, errands,... volume_up


Growth Bash 2019

Earn badges for stretching yourself.
Growth Bash is an annual event where the whole Kudoz community is invited to celebrate Kudoers and Hosts! At Growth Bash 2019, over 60... volume_up

Growth Mindset

Which mindset do you feel you most often have?
Growth mindset is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. The brain can grow and stretch, no matter what age or ability.... volume_up


Our theory of change

How we track individual and social change
A theory of change links what Kudoz does (our activities) with the results we set out to achieve (our outcomes). What makes Kudoz distinct... volume_up