Bring Kudoz to your community


Want to start a Kudoz site?

Bring Kudoz to your community! We’ve designed Kudoz to scale, and built technology, training & tools that are totally adaptable to your area.


A desirable mission

Do you see inclusion as a big and unrealized ambition? In your area, how many youth & adults with and without disabilities spend their days isolated from each other and from meaningful experiences in the community? Set-up Kudoz in your area, and break down barriers to deeper human connection. Purposeful interaction is the basis for strong, reciprocal communities.


A proven theory of change

Kudoz measurably improves outcomes: strengthening mental health, increasing independence, building skills for employment, expanding social networks, and reducing stigma. For the last five years, we’ve invested in robust design and development to understand what works, for whom, when. These lessons are built into the model so you can hit the ground running. volume_up

Training and tools

Kudoz is always evolving in collaboration with the people who use the platform. We’ve designed state-of-the-art training and tools. When you bring Kudoz to your community, you receive support from our team of designers, social scientists, and evaluators. Each site gains access to a dashboard to track what’s changing, and to ongoing professional development to bring human-centred design principles into practice.


Collaborative partnerships

Kudoz works best when two to four organizations in a local area come together to host the platform and share the costs. We provide licenses to collaborative partnerships with shared values. We can help you set-up your partnership: we’ve got templates for MOUs and partnership meetings.


Local team, shared support

With a license, local partnerships gain access to all the technology, training, tools, data analytics, and physical materials to run Kudoz in their area. We work with each partnership to adapt the model to their context. Each local partnership is responsible for hiring a team of at least two people (or re-allocating existing staff positions), modest operations costs, and a yearly licensing fee. In exchange, local sites are part of the Kudoz learning network, gaining access to HR functions, ongoing professional development & coaching, evaluation, and design. volume_up

Expanded model

Kudoz was developed with and for adults with developmental disabilities—but research with newcomers, young people struggling with mental health, and older adults suggests that many of the challenges are the same: few sources of meaningful interaction in community. We are keen to work with local partnerships to expand the user base of Kudoz, working together to develop new component parts to fit more population groups.