Kudoers like Andrew go on experiences and grow tech, transit, and social skills through coaching. volume_up
Hosts like Carla volunteer one hour a month to share what they are passionate about. volume_up
Circle are family and staff like Katelyn who support Kudoers on their journey. volume_up
Businesses like the Vancouver Convention Centre are growing inclusive company cultures! volume_up
Cities like New Westminster are bringing 100s of splendid experiences to new Hosts and Kudoers. volume_up

In the beginning...

Where Kudoz comes from
Three decades have passed since Greg, Fay, and Karen felt most alive. These days, life can feel like a record on repeat: appointments, errands,... volume_up


Helen’s story

Widening and deepening interests.
Helen is passionate about animals and wants to be a veterinarian one day. She went on the Stop Motion Animation experience. Helen “loved making... volume_up

Stepping outside of comfort zones

Kudoer Josh and Circle Norma practice growth mindset.
Josh and Norma joined Kudoz to shake up the day-to-day routine. Josh goes on an experience at least once a month. Norma and Josh’s... volume_up


Shattering stigma

Host Amanda redefines inclusion
Amanda’s experience is all about how to keep calm during an emergency and the connection between the brain and body during times of stress.... volume_up