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Reflection Cafe

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Help Keep Our Community Healthy!

Hi friends,

There’s a lot of news around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and while most folks with common coronavirus recover on their own, those with underlying medical conditions are at risk. So while you or your family members may not be at too much risk, other people are still at risk.

It is with great care and consideration that we are suspending all Reflection Cafes and in-person experiences. Kudoz is going online with lots of amazing experiences being hosted live via zoom and online so you can do it at your own pace! 

Check out the online experiences at: www.app.kudoz.ca 


When I stretchmyselfI can getthings done.I find myself sayingyes, I can try!

Our mission

Kudoz exists to grow people’s sense of self, community and future.

We’re tackling the poverty of expectations and opportunities that limit people’s agency and aspirations — especially people with developmental disabilities who face a history of marginalization and exclusion. We do that by bringing people with and without disabilities together for shared experiences. Our goal is to reduce stigma and increase the conditions for positive mental health, meaningful employment, and greater independence.

Kudoers like Andrew go on experiences and grow tech, transit, and social skills through coaching. volume_up
Hosts like Carla volunteer one hour a month to share what they are passionate about. volume_up
Circle are family and staff like Katelyn who support Kudoers on their journey. volume_up
Businesses like the Vancouver Convention Centre are growing inclusive company cultures! volume_up
Cities like New Westminster are bringing 100s of splendid experiences to new Hosts and Kudoers. volume_up

Siobahn's Story

When you’re open to growth you might surprise yourself!
Siobhan wanted to use Kudoz as a way to meet new people. She likes to connect via Facebook but finds herself getting pretty nervous... volume_up


UX for Good award

Kudoz scores high on impact and innovation!
In 2017, experience platform Kudoz won the UX for Good award, as well as the overall Best UX award, recognizing joy, elegance, clarity, innovation... volume_up

In the beginning...

Where Kudoz comes from
Three decades have passed since Greg, Fay, and Karen felt most alive. These days, life can feel like a record on repeat: appointments, errands,... volume_up


Our theory of change

How we track individual and social change
A theory of change links what Kudoz does (our activities) with the results we set out to achieve (our outcomes). What makes Kudoz distinct... volume_up