What is reflection?

One of our core values of Kudoz is that learning happens through experience and reflection. Reflection is a way of thinking, feeling and questioning that helps us learn about ourselves, and learn from mistakes and successes. It’s a way to process our thoughts and feelings, understand how we can improve and imagine our possible future. volume_up

Reflection Café

Reflection cafés take place in our favourite coffee places (all accessible by transit) in the city! Come share and reflect on your recent experiences, play brain-stretching games, and meet other Kudoers. Your first drink is on us! volume_up

We don’t learnfrom experience,we learn fromreflectingon experience.                            -John Dewey

Siobahn's Story

When you’re open to growth you might surprise yourself!
Siobhan wanted to use Kudoz as a way to meet new people. She likes to connect via Facebook but finds herself getting pretty nervous... volume_up


Growth Mindset

Which mindset do you feel you most often have?
Growth mindset is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. The brain can grow and stretch, no matter what age or ability.... volume_up

Our 5 principles

What Kudoz is all about!
We believe that all of us - including adults with a developmental disability, can pick up new skills. And not just basic skills, but... volume_up


The change trifecta

Motivation, capability and opportunity
Just like you might join a gym to exercise your body, you can join Kudoz to exercise your mind. With fresh input, our minds... volume_up