Get the ball rolling!

“It’s platforms like Kudoz that are getting the ball rolling on cognitive disabilities like we did 20 to 30 years ago with physical disabilities.” —Jonathan Cote, Mayor, City of New Westminster volume_up

Our theory of change

How we track individual and social change
A theory of change links what Kudoz does (our activities) with the results we set out to achieve (our outcomes). What makes Kudoz distinct... volume_up


Bridging social capital

Kudoz expands social networks
Our social networks shape a lot of things in our lives: from the amount of support we have, to how we feel about our... volume_up

Our 5 principles

What Kudoz is all about!
We believe that all of us - including adults with a developmental disability, can pick up new skills. And not just basic skills, but... volume_up


Increasing independence

Kudoer Angie ups her tech and transit.
Angie was used to calling her sister, Sandra when things didn’t go as planned while taking transit. While in Kudoz, she set out a... volume_up