Kathy, Shannon’s Mom

Kudoz keeps Shannon’s brain active, and her days stimulating. volume_up

Sara, Reza’s Sister

Kudoz has lifted Reza’s depression, and adds new life to family conversations. volume_up

Brad, Jay’s Worker

Kudoz has given Jay a reason to go be more independent. volume_up

Everyone joining Kudoz has a circle!

Kudoz isn’t just for kudoers, it’s also for friends, families and staff. It’s a way to connect through new interactions and conversations. Ones that are about learning and exploring interests and passions together. It’s about becoming co-learners. A kudoer might have one or more circle and decide if they want them to join on experiences. volume_up

The change trifecta

Motivation, capability and opportunity
Just like you might join a gym to exercise your body, you can join Kudoz to exercise your mind. With fresh input, our minds... volume_up


Stepping outside of comfort zones

Kudoer Josh and Circle Norma practice growth mindset.
Josh and Norma joined Kudoz to shake up the day-to-day routine. Josh goes on an experience at least once a month. Norma and Josh’s... volume_up

Growth Mindset

Which mindset do you feel you most often have?
Growth mindset is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. The brain can grow and stretch, no matter what age or ability.... volume_up


Our theory of change

How we track individual and social change
A theory of change links what Kudoz does (our activities) with the results we set out to achieve (our outcomes). What makes Kudoz distinct... volume_up