Justin, Host

Justin is passionate about crocheting. He's a billiards pro! volume_up

Carla, Host

Carla is passionate about geocaching! She's a support worker. volume_up

Janice, Host

Janice is passionate about weaving. She knows how to work a loom! volume_up

Michael, Host

Michael is a doctor who is passionate about indoor rock climbing! volume_up

David, Host

David is a retired biology prof, He's passionate about stone carving. volume_up

Share your passion!

Kudoz is the easiest way to volunteer. Share what you're passionate about, where you want, at a time that works for you! Spend 1 hour or more once a month hosting an experience one-on-one, anything from anime to zoology! Build your network and meet other change-makers. Upskill your resume and earn badges for stretching yourself! volume_up

Join usin making our cities asintellectuallyaccessibleas they arephysically accessible!

In the beginning...

Where Kudoz comes from
Three decades have passed since Greg, Fay, and Karen felt most alive. These days, life can feel like a record on repeat: appointments, errands,... volume_up


Fern’s story

Getting something out of what you're putting in!
How do you spend your spare time? That’s what was on Fern’s mind before she signed up as a Kudoz Host. Like most folks,... volume_up

Growth Bash 2019

Earn badges for stretching yourself.
Growth Bash is an annual event where the whole Kudoz community is invited to celebrate Kudoers and Hosts! At Growth Bash 2019, over 60... volume_up


Richard's Story

When you’re open to difference you see the world through a different lens!
Richard has been hosting a Practical First Aid experience with Kudoz for a year. He’s met a broad range of Kudoers and it’s gotten... volume_up