Vancouver Convention Centre

Businesses like the Vancouver Convention Centre are building inclusive cultures! volume_up

Traction on Demand

Traction shares their know-how, with real impact for the Kudoer and their... volume_up

Grow a meaningful company culture!

Be seen as a leader in your community. Join a network of like minded businesses. Local businesses like yours give one hour a month to share your passion and expertise one-on-one with a youth or adult with a disability. Ready to get started? We'll come meet with you, give a presentation, or host a pop-up for staff in your lunch room. We help you design a 1-hour experience around your company's expertise! volume_up

Stephanie, Vancouver Convention Centre

“Hosting is good for me because we get caught up in the day to day. Sometimes before the experience I’m feeling frustrated, I have other things going on and I might be stressed from a phone call with a client and I might think it’s not a ‘good day’ for an experience. But then I see the sense of success in a Kudoer when they are setting the tables in the banquet hall and they finally figure it out. After the experience I always feel totally different. The newness and exposure makes you realize you take it all for granted, like coming here everyday and holding down a job.”


Katie, Traction on demand

Katie shares her passion for building community at her company’s team meeting! Afterwards, she gives Jason a tour of the space and introduces him to some of the team’s favorite tools & practices. Kudoz lets Traction share their know-how one hour a month, with real impact. Not just for the Kudoer but for their team! volume_up

Brokering meaningful employment

Kudoer Caleb finds the right-fit-job with Kudoz
"When I heard about the Convention Centre experience, I remember that my mom said it might be an ideal place for me. So I... volume_up


Fern’s story

Getting something out of what you're putting in!
How do you spend your spare time? That’s what was on Fern’s mind before she signed up as a Kudoz Host. Like most folks,... volume_up

Bridging social capital

Kudoz expands social networks
Our social networks shape a lot of things in our lives: from the amount of support we have, to how we feel about our... volume_up


Growth Bash 2019

Earn badges for stretching yourself.
Growth Bash is an annual event where the whole Kudoz community is invited to celebrate Kudoers and Hosts! At Growth Bash 2019, over 60... volume_up