Yale, Kudoer

Yale is passionate about travel, stop motion videos, and urban transit systems volume_up

Larissa, Kudoer and Host

Larissa is passionate about dancing and voice acting. She values positivity. volume_up

Austen, Kudoer

Austin is passionate about basketball, karate, and listening to Taylor Swift! volume_up

Diana, Kudoer

Diana is passionate about Pokemon. She's an adventurer, always on the go! volume_up

Rob, Kudoer

Rob is passionate about the symphony and watching Coronation Street! volume_up

Ready for an adventure?

We started Kudoz to bring curiosity and wonder into the everyday. Are you tired of the same old? Want independence? Looking for a job that fits? Kudoers are youth and adults with a disability who want to try something new, explore new places, meet new people, explore new roles, and build transit, tech, communication, and other soft skills. volume_up


Growth Mindset

Which mindset do you feel you most often have?
Growth mindset is the understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed. The brain can grow and stretch, no matter what age or ability.... volume_up


Siobahn's Story

When you’re open to growth you might surprise yourself!
Siobhan wanted to use Kudoz as a way to meet new people. She likes to connect via Facebook but finds herself getting pretty nervous... volume_up

Our theory of change

How we track individual and social change
A theory of change links what Kudoz does (our activities) with the results we set out to achieve (our outcomes). What makes Kudoz distinct... volume_up


Brokering meaningful employment

Kudoer Caleb finds the right-fit-job with Kudoz
"When I heard about the Convention Centre experience, I remember that my mom said it might be an ideal place for me. So I... volume_up