How Kudoz Works


Locals host anything from anime drawing to bread making to city politics. Browse…

Adults with a cognitive disability book an experience and spend an hour learning with their Host.

Everyone is invited to Reflection Cafe to make sense of their weeks.
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Earn badges for completing experiences. Badges unlock education opportunities and future roles.

We support adults to get to experiences and help hosts hone their teaching skills. 

Our Values:

We are all learning beings
Learning = Experience + Reflection
Intelligence is not a number
You can teach an old dog new tricks
Each of us has a passion to share


For Kudoz, success means growing individuals’ sense of self, shattering stigma, and building social capital between adults with and without cognitive disabilities.


Read the theories that inform our outcomes
and the stories that illustrate them.

How Kudoz is Different


A new kind of volunteering

With Kudoz, we turn your passions into a one-hour learning experience. You don’t fit into a prescribed volunteering role. You set your own schedule and host when, where, and however often works for you.


Real content to fill your days

Kudoz offers splendid experiences during the day, at night, and on weekends. The experience in an hour, one-to-one with your hosts, and you choose what you want to learn from the catalogue. You can do it with a family member, a friend or with a support worker.


More than jobs

Success is continual learning. Kudoz widens and deepens what people do over time. Through Kudoz, Kudoers also learn the skills to use technology, getting around places, making and keeping appointments, and many others. Kudoers get to meet new people who share the same interests with them.

passionate people = hosts!

Hosts are anybody and everybody with an interest, passion, or curiosity to share. Might be the spin class you take on Sundays. Or the Japanese language you speak. Or the job you have as a city gardener.

join the community

Supporters are students and community members who want to help behind-the-scenes. You spread the word and get individuals to their experiences.