How Kudoz Works

Kudoz is an experience platform connecting people with and without disabilities to splendid things to do, together.

Locals host anything from anime drawing to bread making to city politics.

Youth & adults with cognitive disabilities search the platform and book experiences to try!

Everyone is welcome at Reflection Cafe to swap photos & stories
from experiences.

Earn badges for stretching yourself! Badges go great on resumes.

Along the way, access our free learning coaches to build motivation & hone your skills.


We believe learning is for everyone, and should never stop. Our brains are always growing – provided we feed them with new & yummy experiences!

Success is bridging people to new opportunities. Through Kudoz, Aaron found standup comedy. Craig found a place he’d like to work. Stephanie found a future employee.


Success is growing people’s sense of self and future. “I’m a better person now.” – Kudoer Jay

Success is shattering stigma. “The more you communicate and engage with others the more you aren’t as alone as you thought, despite all the differences we have.” – Host

Read the theories that inform our outcomes and the stories that illustrate them.

How Kudoz is Different


A new kind of volunteering

With Kudoz, we turn your passions into a one-hour experience. It’s the easiest, most meaningful way to volunteer. You decide what to share, when, and where.


Real content to fill your days

Kudoz offers splendid experiences every day. You choose what to explore from the catalogue. Invite family, friends or a worker to come along.


More than jobs

Kudoz widens your world. Go places you’ve never been. Meet fascinating people. Try new hobbies. Expand your job network. Pick-up soft skills.

passionate people = hosts!

Hosts are anybody and everybody with an interest, passion, or curiosity to share. Might be the spin class you take on Sundays. Or the Japanese language you speak. Or the job you have as a city gardener.

join the community

Supporters are students and community members who want to help behind-the-scenes. You spread the word and get individuals to their experiences.